Our Pink Lady™ Apples - World Famous in Europe! - Fairfield Orchards

Our Pink Lady™ Apples – World Famous in Europe!

This is Cherie, one of our Directors, in a coolstore in France with our Pink Lady™ apples that were grown on our Fry Block Orchard in New Zealand. They are being repackaged for the local French market.

While taking a break in Europe in September, our company directors managed to squeeze in a visit to one of their Pink Lady™ customers in Cavaillon, FranceNetworking and sharing knowledge of our industry, and understanding how our customers market our product, is both insightful and rewarding to see.

If you’d like to help our Pink Lady apples get started on their long journey across the world, you might like to join the team at Fairfield Orchards. Take a look at the Work Available page for more details