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Fairfield Orchard History

Fairfield Orchards Ltd is a large-scale horticultural operation with apple & kiwifruit orchards scattered across the Motueka Region. It’s a 3rd generation family-run business driven by the husband and wife team of Aaron and Cherie Drummond.

The original Drummond family farm was purchased in 1938 by Buffer & Win. Their farming history began with a tobacco, hops, and sheep grazing farm down the Riwaka valley & into the Takaka hill.
In the 1980s Chris & Lyn Drummond transitioned the farm into fruit orchards and developed their own packhouse operation. They planted 6 ha of pip fruit and built the original packhouse on the side of the Takaka hill, and later acquired a few extra orchards in Motueka & the Moutere.

Driven by Aaron’s passion for fruit growing, in the late 1990’s the company steadily grew by purchasing additional orchard blocks and redeveloping them into modern productive orchards. Conversions were made from green kiwifruit to gold, and to apples. 

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We are driven by our strong company values

Continuing with the solid ‘Drummond” work ethic and keen entrepreneurial approach, Aaron & Cherie Drummond have grown Fairfield Orchards into one of the most progressive, forward thinking, and innovative orchard operations in the Tasman region. With a passion for growing quality fruit for export in an sustainable and efficient way. Fairfield Orchards strives to support regional growth and lead by example with a growing number of opportunities for jobs in the Motueka and Tasman region.


Our passion for growing export quality fruit drives our operational growth.


Our honest and authentic "hands on approach" results in a strong team connection.


Our progressive approach and integrated technology gives us that leading edge.

Health & Safety

We are dedicated to protecting and improving our team’s health, safety and well-being in the workplace.


We actively work towards the sustainable growth and development of our orchard trees and vines.

People Focus

We offer the chance to learn and grow within the company to those that show genuine dedication to their work.

Our Management Team

Aaron Drummond - Owner/Director at Fairfield Orchards, Riwaka - Motueka - Tasman

Aaron Drummond


Cherie Drummond - Owner/Director at Fairfield Orchards, Riwaka - Motueka - Tasman

Cherie Drummond


Fairfield Orchard Team 2856 2

Paul Barret

Crop Protection Manager

Fairfield Orchard Team 2865 2

Shane Bensemann

Pipfruit Manager

Fairfield Orchard Team 2806

Matt Fox

Packhouse Manager

Fairfield Orchard Team 2817


Human Resources

Fairfield Orchard Team 2797

Rob Channells

Coolstore Manager

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