Hail Nets - Proactive Crop Protection

Hail Nets – Proactive Crop Protection

With growing conditions changing over the last decade & Hail becoming more of a frequent occurrence, Fairfield Orchards has been proactive in protecting our crop. 

As development of our Orchards has occurred into new apple varieties we have ensured that the structures are installed to then protect our crop with either overhead Protective nets and or Drape net.

Overhead protective nets, can not only protect he orchards from hail storms, they can reduce sunburn, wind rub and contain spray drift. This type of hail net is permanent & strong its held by strong cables and clips it looks like a large protective blanket, it holds the hail then is flexible enough for it to drop into the centre of the rows.

Drapenet is a removable hail net system that covers the trees in rows. It is applied with a Netwizz once the apples have formed. Drapenet swaddles the trees and protects the apples from sunburn, wind & hail, whilst supressing growth. It is removed for thinning and picking so slightly more labour intensive, but has a longer life than a permanent structure.

With 2/3 of our apple crop covered, not only are our apples protected so are peoples jobs – RAIN, HAIL OR SHINE.

Websites to check extenday.com, drapenet.com