Building for the Future - New Plant Arrives

Building for the Future – New Plant Arrives

The refit of the Packhouse continues...

Christmas comes early as the new plant and equipment arrives ready for installation.

It might not be much to look at for many people, but the sight of a forklift unloading machinery from a shipping container is like unwrapping an early Christmas present for us.

Five shipping containers loaded with shiny new robotic packhouse plant and machinery arrived today and the process of unloading and installing it began.

The installation will take several months with the large pieces of plant being gently guided into position. Once assembled, there will be extensive testing and calibration to ensure that the new systems run smoothly and efficiently.  We are all looking forward to being able to process larger volumes of fruit faster and more effectively to ensure we can provide only the best fruit to our customers.

We’re always looking for keen, technically-minded permanent staff. If you’re interested in a career in horticulture and the idea of working in a packhouse for part of the year interests you, please contact us.