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Coolstore Forklift Operator

Coolstore Forklift Operator

Description: Fulltime permanent role for someone as a Forklift operator capable of stacking into coolstore racking during the harvest season, and as a general hand in the off-season.

During the harvest season, you would be responsible for loading and unloading bins of fruit from our trucks at our main site and coolstores. You’ll be moving bins and finished pallets of fruit around the coolstores and loading export containers. There may be some truck driving involved.

Outside of the harvest season, you will work as a general hand. You assist with anything that needs doing and the role will be tailored to take advantage of your abilities, skills and experience. There may be development work, irrigation maintenance, orchard or packhouse maintenance, or vehicle maintenance and fruit tree pruning and there is always some truck driving work even outside the peak of the season.

This is a flexible role and could suit people with a wide range of abilities and skills. Feel free to talk to us about the role.

$25 – $35 per hour
Full time

Hours: Our normal hours are 7.30am to 4.30pm Mon – Fri and some Saturday work will necessary if the weather has been poor during the week.

Requirements: You will need to have forklift experience. Experience with racking and your class 4 or perhaps class 5 license would be a bonus. All applicants will need to have photo ID and proof they are eligible to work in NZ.

This position is currently filled. If you would like to send us your CV and contact information for future work possibilities please  email hr@fairfieldorchards.co.nz 

For more information please email hr@fairfieldorchards.co.nz or call 03 5284599 or click below to apply online. We look forward to working with you!